Modelling Surface from Picture per pixel

Hi all,

I’m trying to model the sculptures on a wall. The only I know how to do it as of now, is starting from a complex grid, and then trying to push each vertex on a vertex of the sculpture (having the sculpture in background of the grid). Now it seems to me it would be way more efficient instead of doing that, to start from a simple quad, and then add vertex by vertex to this quad at the exact points where I need them on the sculpture. Eventually I would end up with a faster but also more vertex savy version of the task (I would only have vertexes where I need them). Unfortunately, even after trying to research how to implement this, I have no idea how to do this through blender,

any help really appreciated,


just start with a quad and keep on adding loop cuts “Ctrl R” to add more verts where you need them

That’s what I tried, but in the end, I have kind of a grid, and when I am finished with modelling, I still have tens of (useless) vertices to delete :frowning:

the best worse solution I found so far, is to select an edge of my 4 vertices quad and the ‘split’ which allows me to create a single vertex … but it’s not connected though

Why don’t you try making a bump map out of the picture?
If it needs relief anyway.
If not, and you just going to colour it with a texture, then the fact that its a grid isn’t all that important.
Also what sculpture are you modelling?

the bump mapping is something I thought about, and that could do the trick, however within the conditions I intend to render my model, the BM doesn’t look so good as a real 3d Mesh (I’m actually rendering it in a game). The “sculpture” is actually not a sculpture, but rocks on lava:

but I agree that BM would normally be perfectly adapted to my pb,


I agree BM should normally do the trick (and probably in way more efficient manner) however, given the rendering conditons (in a game), the actuall 3d mesh (maybe coupled with BM to make it even better) would be a real plus.,

the “sculpture” is actually the relief of rocks on lava …

I think you’re looking for the ‘Extrude’ tool.

Select a vertice (or an edge or a face) and press ‘e’ and select appropriate option from the menu

In Edit Mode CTRL+Left Click to add single vertices.

Depending on the image you could also try the displacement modifier using the image as a texture, but you would need to subdivide, so you get more vertices again…

As of the bump map, I agree this would have made the trick normally. However, since the BM rendering is not that great I cannot just use this one, but probably I’ll add it to the mesh

the “sculpture” is actually some rocks on lava

Thanks, Ctrl + click is what I needed