Modelling Technique Question

I’m following a time lapse clip which has to do modelling the PLayStation 5. I cant seem to understand what the modeller is doing at 0:20 seconds,( I lowered the speed at 0.25 ) Somehow he is avoid a tri face. But If I continue modelling, as seen from the different angles I’ve provided I’ll get a tri face in the corner of my model. Can someone please tell me what he’s doing with the mesh to get a quad when he extrudes the mesh.

Thank you.

It wasn’t an extrusion. The entire edge was translated upwards in the video.

By the way, there are a couple of hotkeys for playing YouTube videos. I recommend you try them out because doing analysis of videos makes it a breeze:

One in particular is the advance one frame (red box in the image). That way, you can see everything happen.

Hi Unyxium , thanks for the advice!

Kind regards.