Modelling Techniques

Hey guys,

I really really want to do something in 3d and I have done a couple of things, but they aren’t very advanced. I have ideas but everytime I try to start I don’t know where to.

Do I box model, do I vertex model… or whatever it’s called. I would really like to know how you guys model. Even better, if there is a video out there showing how some of you guys model that I could learn off of. It would be greatly appreciated. I’m just stuck. I dont’ know where to go.

First: read tutorials.
Second: read tutorials.
Third: read tutorials.

THEN try to modell. :slight_smile: I use this technique, and it gives nice results. :wink:

Here are some nice video-tuts:

I already know my way around Blender. Here’s a recent work I’ve done for a game:

As you can see, I’m not the greatest, but I know how to work with Blender. I just want to see the different ways people go about modelling. I know some people do vertices, or whatever it is and I would like to learn it.

So there isn’t anyone who could help me? Mabye one of you Blender gurus can just run the program that video tapes what you do. That would be awesome. I just need a good technique. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thats a pretty hard question to answer. Thats like “How do you paint?” How are you comfortable doing it? It is largely a matter of taste. Make sure you play around with all the different ways, though. In some case one way of modeling may be easier than another.

As for videos of people modeling. I saw one about a year ago. This guy modeled a demon-like-thing with armor and a sword from scratch with no blueprints (that I could see). It was really amazing. I have been looking for it, but am unable to find it. I can’t even remember who did it. :expressionless:


I see your point, but I’m just trying to learn the different types of modelling. All I know right no is box-modelling and I would like to know the other ways of doing them.

I do vertice modeling. Starting from a “box” is not my style, it kind of thwarts my thinking of how the mesh should look like while building it.

You need lots of accurate references. Even if you don’t “trace” your vertices with a background image, the references are very important to look at while modeling. Many people who C&C your WIPs can tell if you don’t use a reference. (I wonder about those nude meshes posted here?)

I always model with quads (no triangles) because this helps me add rows of new vertices (with one click) when tweaking the model later. In some cases, a triangle is desperately needed.

Most of the time I use EXTRUDE when building my mesh. The Ctrl+LMB usually yields weird coordinates, and I avoid that.

I use “smooth” button in the mesh tools very seldom, and usually as a final tweak. Some people tend to over use it and screw up a perfectly good mesh.

I love SubSurf. So I always plan ahead for this by making sure that sharp edges or corners have ample vertices.

Finally, don’t give up! Your final project can look like crap, but if you keep trying, it will look better. And as usual, your lighting is what ‘makes your rendering’. You’d be surprised that even the noobiest rendering can look great with proper lighting.

Thank you Spin, that’s what I wanted to know. I think I like your way better than box modelling. I have to ask though… Do you start with a plane, or just a vertex or what… When I tried vertex modelling I tried starting out with an edge and I ended up having to go back and fill in a lot of faces. Is that the way you do it?

I Start with a plane, and delete it immediately, then I can use Ctrl+LMB to create the first vertice. Then I extrude from that.

There are a few faces to be filled, but extruding does most of that automatically.

Oh ok, thank you for the info :slight_smile: