Modelling test with the "2.35" new select tools: M

Hi there - here’s an 1-hour pic using the new select & edge/face tools:

I’m amazed how much easier it makes it to make architecture and
“ridgid” objects with the new modelling tools.

Very nice modeling work, this new selection system is really going to help in complex modeling, usually if you want to do say a checkerboard pattern without multiple steps you have the subdivide the thing so theres a vertex in the middle of the faces that wouldn’t be selected so the faces wouldn’t be selected.

Thanks and yes - you’re right. The new selection tools are a GREAT
gift. Now it’ll be a lot easier to quickly create complex scenes for
the characters.

Even if the new selection tools are very powerful, you did a good job !

Is 2.35 up for a download?! :smiley:

No, but you can download bf-Blender.

very impressive… I’m sure machine/ building/ spacee ship modelers (like X-Warrior) are going to love these new tools

What is “bf-Blender”? Where can be downloaded the new version?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

For those who doesn’t know the “pre-versions” of 2.35, it’s actually
version 2.34 with enhancements before it get’s accepted and
released as a BF (Blender Foundation) release. It must go trough
several bug-checks and pass a lot of testing (hence why I test it too).
The only way to release a STABLE BF release is to use it like crazy…
do everything with BOTH the old functions and the NEW functions as
well to see if it still works or have bugs in them.

If you are “Daring” enough to have a go at the developer versions
of the NEW Blender - then by all means go to
(wich is the Developement-part of Blender) and go to the forum
to grab a freshly compiled version for your OS. You must look
in the TESTING BUILDS forums and look at the threads to get
a downloadable file. You can also choose to compile your own
(this way you’d get the freshest build if you simply can’t wait)

But beware of this first:

  1. Alpha/Beta - prebuilds and Testbuilds are full of bugs, you must
    prepare for hours of annoying crashes.

  2. Things might change temporarily - no screaming Blender suxx in there…it’s beeing tested and developed and is NOT for the general public yet - even though you may try it out and test for yourself - be prepared for this.

  3. It can screw up your settings depending on who’s download you’re downloading - so beware…no complaining about that - you’re on your own.

  4. It can confuse you - too many Blender versions laying around on your harddisk can make you think that one of them are BF 2.34 (the official release) and make you discover bugs too late and send ind false complaints causing poor programmers to search forever for a bug that has been fixed ages ago. (Thinking required) :slight_smile:

So consider yourself warned - it’s fun to test out new things, but be aware
of these things.