Modelling, texturing, rigging and animating a character from scratch!

Here’s a character I am working on!

“A travelling pomegranate. He may not look scary, but with his mace of litchi, and infinite wisdom, only a simpleton would even dare to provoke him.”

My goal is to finish this character + animation and rendering by Tuesday evening. I want to get better at speeding up my workflow.



The character is done! The first draft at least.
I am open to any feedback!

Click here to see him from different angles

EDIT: I also switched from cycles to eevee for this project to speed up the workflow.

Great work there :D,

I am not really into characters myself, but I am into pomegranates!

All that I dare comment on is the pomegranate material.
It looks like it has a clearcoat over it, or wax or something. To me its a little bit too reflective.
I would try turning it down just a little bit.

Also perhaps the surface wrinkles I would make smaller (scale the texture up).

Other than that, it looks great to me :D, some freaky long thin legs and arms. Does look fierce indeed.

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Thank you for your feedback! I made some changes according to what you said. He now looks even more like a pomegranate :smiley:

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He can finally express himself :crazy_face:

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The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this…

Although I have nothing against pomegranates, she does lol.

All jokes aside, curious to know if this was a personal character, or if it’s part of a bigger project? Absolutely love the texturing on this.

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Hahaha she could be a boss battle :joy:

It’s not for a bigger project, just a personal character project. I may expand on it later though :smiley:

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Animation done!
Thanks to jerzygorskiart who who helped critiqued the animation and gave me pointers.

The final render will have physics like this:

Next up: environment!
I think I am going to use 3D scanned assets from a museum library.


This reminds me of a short animation I made before I realized that animation was a lot of work.

The Jumper

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Haha I feel ya, man. These 6 seconds of animations took two days :sweat_smile:

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