Modelling the AVP Shuriken

Hello All, So im trying an ambitious Project for my skill level, Im hoping to recreate the Alien Vs Predator Shuriken. Its a Complex model and quite frankly im not even sure how to go about doing this.

Can Any one give me a quick Rundown of how they would Model this? When i get the basic Blocking down i will make it a WIP and try and get a really nice Render.

I think this is really going to help my modelling if i can learn the kind of techniques used to model something like this

Thanks in Advance if anyone can help


if i was gonna model this and i don’t think i could. but if i had to start this i would pry try to make it in to parts. all the blades are the same length so you really only need to model one and then copy the rest of them and then start modeling the actual disk that all the blades are attached to and then try the from the disk in to a crescent moon shape and then the rest i would think is probably the essayist part.
this is out of my skill lvl at the moment so don’t take my words to heart. but that is how i would start it. i hope this helped :yes:

The best advice I have follows what nod says. Break it down into shapes. You have the curved blades, a circular center, a crescent inside that circle.

Hey guys thanks for replying,

What sort of method and work flow would you use? curves box modeling plane modeling? and how would you create that detailed metal work on it?

Well I’m not a proffesional or anything but I have done my fair share of weapon modeling, and this is definetly not a simple model. I use the box modeling technique and model out that circle in the middle, trying to keep clean topology after ive done that I would model one single part of the blade and then duplicate another 5 blades, then attach them to the circle. That detailed metal stuff can be textured on or you could just extrude certain parts of the model to sort of make it stand out. Like I said im no proffesional but this is personally how I would have modeld it.

I would draw curves, tracing the shape of the blade, the use bevel to give it depth, and then cut in the detail if that level of detail was needed. Otherwise I’d use texture maps.

Hey Guys here is my Model so far

Looks nice!

Thanks, this is one of my best models so far. although its not great… what would be the best way of texturing this? i havent really experimented with texturing much so im pretty new to it


I’m pretty new to Blender, but you need to make a UV texture map and paint it up. One map should do for all the blades, and another one for the center piece. Find a tutorial for Unwrapping a UV texture.

That looks darn good. There are some differences between the original and your model, but I’ll always allow for some artistic license. What’s the topology look like? A uv map is the way to go. There are lots of good tutorials here and elsewhere, though you can always just select everything in edit mode and hit “U”, unwrap and see what it gives you. It’s at least a quick and dirty way to get a feel for what Blender does with unwrapping.