Modelling the eye SOCKET??

Ok well I have my model and I have the eye but How do I go about modeling the eye to the face and make it believable…??

as you can see Im sortof going for a toonish look


I guess that should help… 2 days ago, it helped me out a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if you could tell me step by step how you got the eyes done:P

i got the tutorial from wiki’s newb to pro Blender 3D: Noob to Pro - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

btw There is no information on that page??

the create pixar looking eyes I presume?.. yeah… srry, I’m a 4 day young n00b so… I would need step by step, button by button guidance… I can make particle hair and I feel I’m not too bad at messing around with verts for a 4 day old:P but… there isn’t a step by step thing is there? Cause my pupil is just… a collection of 8 verts, see through and… I didn’t get any further cause i got frustrated:P

about 3/4 of the page…

yeah there use to be but now thats the only one there is as far pixar eyes go… i would help step by step but im in my own little confused bubble

When I began doing eyes, I did very simple eyelids out of half spheres. You might
want to try that too.
About getting the face to fit to the eyes. The only way I see you could to it, is
to move the vertices around the hole to fit the eyes shape better. When that
is done, you might want to extrude a bit inward to form the edges of the sockets.
It looks close already. Just a bit of extruding and vertice moving to be done…

Hope that helped in some way…
//The M.h.p.e.

DEFINETLY check out the BSoD (Blender Summer of Documentation) on the blender wiki. I am new to blender and this site helps ALOT.:smiley:

Hey !! thanks alot that helped alot although the eyes arnt as big as I wanted them >. but Im going more for the monster house style
but now Im on the cloths and Im using your tutorial to try and figure it out
but do you plan to make a more descriptive tutorial for cloths and texturing?

cause i suck at the whole
uv bump maping and normal mapping i dont even know where to start

heres an update of what ive got