Modelling the human skull . Newbie.

Hello to everyone.

I need to create a human skull because of:

  • I need it for my background image for my mod to the game
  • I want to learn little bit about Blender — because it is a FREE 3d world creating tool.

I read tutorial and started to make my own human skull model .
First I drawled sketch and then used sculpt mod to manage 3d meshes

But as you can see I have this looks not like a human skull .
So my questions is how from this one I can make that one.

Thanx for the answers.


Actually you have a pretty good start. Modeling the skull takes a lot of studying the parts and forms of the skull, and you’ve done a fair job. Just try again and use a real reference image instead of a drawing. After you finish the sculpt you can retopologize and separate the pieces of the skull to get a more realistic feel.

Also you can study other models to get a feel for how the artists did it. Like this one:

Good luck!

have you tried dynatopo sculpting, then retopo? You can use this base mesh I made awhile back to start with if you want:
skullbase1.blend (682 KB)

I have been working on sculpting the base a bit more since I put it up, and if you want a more refined version, just say so and I’ll put it up for you.
(edit) here’s a pic of my current progress:

still working on this…let me know if you want me to post a decimated version…