Modelling this helmet

I want to model this helmet for importation into Skyrim:

I have a good grasp of basic modelling in Blender but haven’t learnt how to properly model something this complicated. I have ‘traced’ the profile of the helmet with planes but it turned out a mess and I don’t know how to shape it properly.

How would I model it? What techniques are involved in modelling in something like this with good topology?

Sculpt + Retopo

Or box modeling(with mirror)

do u have high res pics for the different parts of this helmet

might be possible to use simple bumps or normal map to do it!

happy bl

You are asking too many, I think.
A great reference, needs lot of skills to do it right.
Involving all the goodies. Sculpting, modeling, advanced knowledge on the UV editor.
A clean plan on how to do it. Not an easy task.
A great way to learn blender.
Now if a low poly mediocre asset is all you need, just model the basics, and learn how to combine multiple UV (from view) sets into one final UV map. In this case, you need a top view and a back view. You may not have them though.
Good luck.

Thanks all for the help. I’ve had some luck with sculpting, will continue to practise.