modelling tips

as you read in my previous thread ( there is a big gap between the noobs and the experts, and what you more experienced people do is just amazing: any info on modelling including tips and tricks would be very helpful to the rest of the community! some examples may be an overview on bezier curves and how and when to use them (and other types of objects for that matter), some good ways to get started in quality modeling, and other ideas that can spark some inspiration in us! happy blending as always!

Ya know, you bring up a good point. I’ve never found a tutorial that explains what tools are best to create different shapes or a tutorial that creates the same shapes from different tools. For instance, about every tutorial I’ve seen for modeling a wine glass says to create a 1/2 outline of verts then use the spin tool. OTOH, I’ve seen exactly one tutorial that explains how to model the same object using extruded curves (it’s the exact opposite of the way you use curves to extrude a pipe). The curve method is more flexible as you can edit the profile more easily.
Maybe it’s just something that comes with experience.