modelling tire issue

hi everyone

im kind a new at modelling. im in the middle of modeling a car. Can’t model a tire. there is some issue for array and simple deform modifiers. i rotate 90 degrees at edit and object mode but cant give a round shape. blend file at the attachments.
thank you very much for taking time to read this and all of your answers.


tire.blend (982 KB)

Something like this?

Try this tutorial:

I used it last year and it worked perfectly.

Blend file:


tire2.blend (997 KB)

You have unapplied and non-uniform object scale. In object mode, open the properties panel (hotkey N) and you see the scale there. Ctrl+A -> scale to apply it, which applies visual object scale to mesh dimensions.
After applying the scale, you need to decrease array merge distance because the real distances are much smaller.

Apply scale to the thread mesh Ctrl-a, Scale (Object mode).
…beaten by 2 second margin…:smiley:

PS. Please, do not forget to remove doubles on the rim… W, Remove them. There might be some after you align rubber ends too.

last time i made a tire it looked perfectly and i haven’t apply any scaling. i solve the problem. thank you everyone.
there are a lot of things to learn.

You haven’t scaled tire mesh in object mode last time then.
Also, this time you have one what would be internal face and a lot of n-gons/triangles. That might a bit mess up final view.

yes, you’re right,i’ll try to get rid of those n-gons. it’s almost done actually, i’ll add it here soon. it’s my first project that i doing by myself(not looking at tutorials). i hope it will be good.