modelling transistor

Hello everyone.

I am trying to model this, but it is not going so good:

Does anybody have an idea to do this?

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but link is broken

add like 6 post to be able to upload poctures in post

can you elaborate a little on what you want to do and problems encoutered!
like is it for modeling or texturing ?


You might want to pick an easier object if this is your first time modeling.

If you don’t know where to begin, I’d recommend:

  • first creating a box with the very basic shape
  • secondly punching a circular hole into that box where the speaker is (by using the boolean modifier and a cylinder object)
  • then using Dynamic Topology Sculpt to do the body and the grill, then use the Decemate modifier to reduce the number of polygons.

That is what the OP is trying to model.

I guess my question…what are having issues with?

Ok, I found out that this is to hard, so I am trying with a new one:

I took the picture into Rhino. I started with the control point curve to model the frame, but i really dont know how to make the white and black straight lines on the transistor(The long ones who is to the right). I hope somebody can help me, because I have to use it on tuesday. If somebody know how to do it in a 3D model and send the Rhino file, I would be glad to give some money for it. But I hope somebody can help me, because I am really stuck here :-/

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