Modelling W/ Smoke

Hi, just looking for a bit advice : how would i go about modelling a demonic creature that’s supposed to be made of smoke? could i use particles but make them immobile etc, if so is it easy to build/sculpt them as opposed to the usual vert/faces route?
if i sculpt it in the normal fashion, how would i get it to look like smoke?


This recent video added to YouTube might help, he uses text but the same technique could probably be used with an organic creature.

If your creature is not going to animate, could you make it using Blender’s cloud generator?

thanks guys, i’ll check those over the weekend.

I think the best approach would be to model and animate a standard mesh. Don’t worry about the smoke. Just make your topology consistent.

Then, I’d have 2 simulations:

A) Add a particle system to the mesh and have very fast particles that die quickly. Or better yet, just use the mesh itself as a smoke emitter and have the smoke die quickly. This is for the surface part.

B) Second, Make the Mesh a volume material and select the mesh object as the source texture (instead of the particle system option). This will create the smokey volume of the creature.

You can either combine these two renders together in the compositor or have both rendered at the same time.

volumetrics + particles + cloth simulator?