modelling watch face best approach

hello, im modelling a bell and ross watch and just curious how i would go about putting these 3 circles within a circle and extrude like in the picture. i tried the boolean and it gave me nasty result. any help would be greatly appreciated

Cut them in with Knife Project. Then manually cut in some edges. Makes NGons, but should be OK. I also detached the face and applied a bevel modifier to the case.
Looking forward to your result.

hey thanks for the response riveter. i never even use the knife project lol, man to many features and ways to do stuff in blender thanks again

I would do that with 2D Curves with Geometry > Extrude.


At 6 seconds into this short demo video I take the subsurf modifier off so you can see how I did it. There is probably a better way, especially since I was challenging myself to make this in under two hours, but I started with small low poly circles inside of the large watch face circle (all coplanar) and then connected them one edge at a time in a logical way that uses only quads (no triangles or n-gons, n greater than 4). Rendered in cycles.

2D curves looks good until you convert it to a mesh. Then you have a triangle infested mess that is hard to work with.

You dont have to convert it to mesh, its just base panel with holes. You can set its shading to smooth or flat, it looks same.

OK. Then the flat panel beneath. Got it.

Here is my take on it.

Cybermonk, that is a thing of beauty. Simple and fast, but very clever. It sure beats “F2, F2, F2, F2…” Thank you for sharing!

lol No problem.

wow thanks guys!!! i learn so many different technique. @sea360 thats nice timepiece and model . man i like the curve and knife project simple and easy but im going to stick with cybermonk approach wow clean topology never would even thought of using grid fill thanks for all the insight helped me out alot

hey this video is very cool, can i ask when you use a glass material do you have thickness for the mesh and also did you have an elaborate node setup for the glass. im not that good with node but i see alot of people node where they put glass and transparent with a bunch of other nodes do you have a good node setup so it renders fast?? im plan on doing a video just like your for my own knowledge into blender but very helpful thanks

Regarding the sapphire face of the watch, I did use a custom setup. I modeled a lens with a mathematically rigorous cross section, then used a custom node setup to separately control the reflection and refraction. Be sure to set the roughness to 0 to keep the cycles render clean. The refraction color is pure white (r,g,b = 1.0, 1.0, 1.0) to let all light through and keep the render bright. The gloss color is the default .8, .8, .8 which seemed to work well for the studio environment.

hey thanks for the setup, im going to use this because it looks really good in the animation you use