modelling with vertices

How to model with vertices, using an image on a plane as a blueprint.

You just spawn vertices according to the image and it automatically creates faces for you.

That type of technique was successfull in milkshape 3d.

do you have a video showing this process?

it’s hard to predict what the best way to “automatically” create faces would be…

you could try with bezier curve or circle or may be with Nurbs surface!

check out the wiki page on theses subjects

happy blendering

I’m not sure if I understand what you want.

Ctrl+LMB in Edit Mode (with nothing selected) will create a new vertex at the point of the mouse pointer. You can create a shape with that and if it’s complete (create the last edge by selecting the first and last vertex and pressing F), you can select it all and press Shift+F to fill.

Here’s actual tutorial on milkshape 3d. This shows exactly what I want to do in blender.

Here’s what I precisely want to do in blender.