Modelling Words

Ok, I’m modelling words (obviously), and have traced out the outlines. I had looked at a tutorial, but it was outdated. I’ve searched the hotkey list, and there isn’t a key to close a shape. I’ve also tried numerous different skinnings, but those don’t work either. Now I’m stuck with hollow outlines. Help!

select 3 or 4 verts, and press F.

Hope that helps…

I don’t know if you used this in your attempt, but i’m posting it just to be sure:

The text can be converted to a mesh ([Alt]+[C] -> Mesh) after creation and then transformed more easily [1].


[1] “easy” as in “You can use the known mesh functions” … you can of course curve-bend normal text as show in the link :slight_smile:

It’s not “text”, I’m using ctrl+leftclick to trace a backgroud image. And I’ll try skinning again, but it didn’t work before.

It tells me I don’t have a fave selected to make fGon. But there are no faces! That’s what I’m trying to make!

F-gons are just an optical trick where you combine several (existing) faces into one (the originals are still there though … but they are invisible)

My personal (slow but clean) tip is to …

  • switch to edge selection mode ([Ctrl]+[Tab] -> Edges)
  • select two edges (i suggest to take two eges that are on the opposite sides of a quad-faces)
  • hit [F] to make them
  • repeat … it’s a long(er) process, but will give you better results when done rightTo automatically fill a selected ‘ring’ of edges/vertices is to hit [Shift]+[F] to fill it with triangles … maybe followed by [Alt]+[J] to make them into quads (the “beauty fill” [Alt]+[F] might also be usefully before making it into quads).

Make sure you really have a closed ring (i.e no “C”-shape) before hitting [Shift]+[F]


To make this even more verbose:


Why not simply do the tracing with a vector program like Inkscape, save as plain svg, then import the path? There is a very good svg importer in in JMS’ site ( better than the default bundled one). If the import comes in a bit weird, you can use center new button, Ctrl A, and apply a bit of extrusion to the curve.
The way the curve faces are filled when converted to mesh is not not very good, though. So I wouldn’t apply subsurf to that…