Modelling work: London Natural History Museum Central Hall


I’ve done this modelling work for the >Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History<
from photographs and also from some simple diagrams I have found in the Internet.

This subject is the >Natural History Museum of London< central hall.

I have modelled it with Blender, the mesh can be downloaded from Jeremy Birn’s page:

Optimising the meshes and making the scene less heavy took a bit of the time.

Rendered with Yaf(a)ray. I don’t think I have patience to texture it. :spin:


great work, thanks for donating this to the challenge.
now for a Blender/Yaf(a)ray user to win it!

Very nice. You may get a passable result by UV-unwrapping with Smart-unwrap + minimal tweaking. That’s what I tend to use when my meshes become too complicated for unwrapping.

Awesome model, I downloaded it the other day to have a look around. Having been there a few times I can say you are spot as far as I can tell. I’m looking forward to see poeples textured versions on the CG Society thread.

:eek:thats absolutely awesome
how long did it take you to make it?


that is a great one, what it needs is a nice complex HDR map for light comming thru the windows and much of the texturing will “take care of itself” imo. I am very temped to try this in luxrender heh.

I’m joining the crowd - excellent!

/ Mats

It took me a week and a bit, my Summer holidays in fact. I did not go out of home untill I had it finished. If you open the blender version of the scene you’ll see that many objects are instanced. It has been a lot of fun as always.