Modellng animation friendly eyelashes

I’ve got a problem modelling eyelashes. What’s the best way to do this? It would be no problem for a static mesh, but I want my model to be suitable for animation. That means that when I use RVK’s to close the eyes, I need the eyelashes to move with them, in perfect sync. See here (if the server is responding again). It’s a short animation with RVK’s for the eyes. Now I want eyelashes on it.

When I model the eyelashes as part of the main mesh and let the them move with the same RVK as the eyes, it’s hard to control where they attach to the eyelids. Same goes for vertexparenting.

I’ve also tried making a face on which hairs would be textured, but I was faced with the same difficulty to control the shape and size of the eyelids this way. And, I have some problems keeping the mesh non-manifold and still have proper eyelids, this way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Played with this for a bit, was fun. What I did was add an empty out in front of the eye. I added a track to constraint to the eye armature to track the empty. I have a seperate eyelash mesh that I also added a track to contstraint to the same empty. Now when I move the empty, the eye follows it, same as the eyelash. I then played with the influence slider for both track to contstraints, giving a little less to the eyelash, and it looked pretty cool. The eye shuts first with the eyelash slightly behind. Going into edit mode on the eyelash, I could move that mesh off it’s center a bit to make it follow a nice path around they eyeball.

If anyone can think of an easier way I’d like to know, but with a litlle teaking this worked pretty good.

I don’t see how you can make the eyelids close with this setup. Don’t you use RVK’s for that? Also, are your eyes seperate objects, meaning they are not part of the main mesh? They are in my case, which, I’m told, is the best way.

BTW, you control your eyes with an armature? In the short movie I linked to, I used a “lookat” empty, with a track constraint on the eyes. This way, I can control the eye direction more implicitly, just by moving the empty. Why would you need an armature?

I tend to use armatures for my eyelids. The rotational motion (eyelids move around the curve of the eyeball) is easier to pull off this way than with RVKs. I control my eye direction the same way you do, though.

Can’t you model your eye lashes as a non-manifold part of your eyelids. Then you could set them with the RVK’s as you move your eyeliids. You could texture them by uv mapping or making them a separate material.


When using armatures, is it easy to make the closing of the eyes an action (I’ve yet to learn the action editor)? Because I don’t want to be fiddling with IPO curves every time I want to close the eyes. With RVK’s, it’s hardly any effort.

Another thing, I asume you use different weights for different parts of the eyelid, so that not all vertices end up at the end?

I’ve been fiddling some more, and I think I can make a non-manifold eyelid after all. I have to experiment some with it.

Yes… and yes.