Models being extremely far from viewport range

So, I know about models becoming glitchy when they’re too far out of range from the original view like this for example:

As you can see in the render, the face and some other body parts are showing the geometry as if I’m viewing it in wireframe, and the solution to fix this is to just move everything back to where the 3D cursor is. Reason for why I’m encountering this problem is because I have a very large map and I like to keep things in just one scene and right where they are. (Which I know is very stupid and I can just create collections for each part of the map and have them not render at times. Which I am now considering!)

I just want to know if this can be fixed without having to move everything back into range of the original view.

If not, I already understand that these programs have limitations.


Hmm, the only time I have seen something like this is in really Large Models on an import or very Small…and it has to do with the Viewport Clipping or sometimes with the Camera Clipping but that is another effect…

You could try and change the Viewport Clipping to a Higher distance…in both the Clip Start and End distance and see if that helps you… N-Panel > View

This looks like a normal rounding error from giant meshes or stuff VERY far from 0,0,0 or the camera. Can you show us a screenshot of your whole scene? how big are the meshes, as far as physical size?

I already know to set my values at max. Like you said, it’s another effect. It’s certainly not a clipping effect. This is like the actual polygon edges having a displacement like effect on the model and it’s going into it.

I really don’t have an actual idea to help you…would really need to see the file to try and find the problem…as it looks as if the character was wearing a mask that was transparent…interfering with the face material…

There are the basics…
Have you applied scale?
Have you checked for duplicate geometry?

I don’t know if I can get a very precise and accurate shot of the distance but, all I can say is that they’re massive.

But like I said, I’m considering just putting all four areas into individual collections, and center them to the 3D cursor. But also just try to find out if I don’t have to do that.

It’s a very simple character model, nice and clean. Simple materials, no complex stuff. All I know is that models start getting geometry glitches when they’re so far away from the origin point of the 3d cursor. Also, the models gets a tiny bit shaky when moving them or the view.

I don’t know if you want the file since it’s a lot of objects. I posted a reply to someone else with an image.

Yeah…that is really compounding the problems, when everything is so far apart like that…
as far as sharing…perhaps you could just select the character ( no hair or anything else ) and export selected as an FBX and I could look at that and see if it isn’t something problematic with the mesh.

Yeah…might just be the simple solution…

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I promise you there’s nothing wrong with any of the character models, even if I had used the most simple model, still. But thanks for trying to help.


So you really need this kilometer big things in the background ??
Maybe render in layers and composite… or even scale the HUGE objects with the camera as pivot point to get a smaller scene… ??

There are several problems that appear in such scenarios. Floating point generally has several limitations and varying precision across the space it represents, depth buffers precision is also dependent on the cameras culling parameters. Shaders or other any calculation might introduce comparable problems due to similar underlying precision limitations.
So no, there’s no simple fix for this.

Adapt your problematic scenario, stay in better ranges. Especially for the part where the camera is near, try offsetting your scene ( maybe per shot) to fit better and/or reduce the overall scale. You can also achieve that by changing the unit scale, but if its not really needed simply scale it down and work with smaller numbers, or split up the scene as suggested.

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Yes it is very easy to reproduce, open Blender add a Suzzane and move her 200000m from the world origin, she gets those artifacts (and flickering edges).
I thought that scaling the units might help but it did not.

In my system she does look ok at 4km from origin though.

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Does the clip end really need that massive number? if your scene is about 5 km wide, then you should be a ble to set the clip end to something around 5 km. This would at least remove artifacts due to view distance if there are any.

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