Models: Blender. Rendering: Adobe Dimensions CC

Just wanted a cool Desktop Wallpaper for my Mac. The laptop is not mine either but one of Free models included in AD. Just showing everyone (despite what you’ve heard) Yes, you can import Blender objects into Adobe Dimensions! Still testing some other Materials.


Wait, what is this dimensions thingy you talk about? I have a CC account (for PS, LR, and AE primarily), but I’ve no idea what this Dimensions is. Looks interesting!

It’s a smart solution to make quickly some photorealistic stuff (small packaging for exemple) but the renderer is realy slow : 6 min whith Dimensions VS 1 min with Cycles for this picture

only the box and the bag are meshes

And I thought Cycles was slow! I’ll leave it for now then, but good to know it’s there :smiley:

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I think the render times vary depending on setup, model, lighting and other factors. Sometimes I get faster render times in Cycles, sometimes in Dimensions. Plus - there are other things that will save time in Dimensions, such as scene setup. It was made to quickly setup a product shot, add a material and then render. BAM… DONE. It’s not for modeling, but for a quick model import and then a render it’s pretty good and has a lot easier learning curve.

The point is this… Which one is better? Depends on a what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish.