Models disappear after Blender restart

I have a strange problem.

In the project I created a few models and gave them the material and texture. In the viewport can see everything I did, and while rendering models are also visible.
After I restart Blender and return to the project one of the models is no longer being rendered - can not see it after rendering ( it is visible only in the viewport ). One model is a plane with a picture (as a background), and the other is a glass of wine with liquid in it -both aren’t visible. HELP! Does anyone know what’s going on? Models are not hidden and are on the same layer for rendering.
Blender 2.61.0 (r42822), Blender Render

Post your blend file to - glass are in the viewport, in the render are not

You’ve turned off the renderability of some of your objects


No way ! Just it !?
Thank you !!
Now I need to learn how to NOT do this again.