Models dissapear from 3D View


I made my models in Wings3D (I dont use Blender to make my models).
But when I import models, the Blender show the scene without problems, but after I put a camera (and delete it in sequence) Blender always disappear with my models.

See this image:

If I use alt + 0 , ok, I see the scene, if I move mouse all objects disappear.

Someone can help me ?
Here the zip file with the same scene of screen.

If you select all and set the view to Bounding Box, you’ll find there’s a huge Object called “Monthanhas” there, I think that, in combination with clipping issues of the camera is causing that behaviour.

Not sure what use that one particular mesh is about, but try scaling it all the way down or delete if it’s not really necessary.

You are right, really the scale of “montanhas” mesh is very huge, but also if I delete this mesh and move mouse, the problem continue (everything dissapear).

Is very important to resolve this problem to dont lost months of work in this scene for my game.
Another sugesttion ?
By mcunha98

When i deleted that big Montanhas thing, i could rotate the scene without things disappearing. Try this: make a copy of the .blend and scale everything down and see what happens.
It looks like clipping issues of the camera to me.

I did the same operation, but dont work.:frowning:
Is possible you do it and post the file for I download and try again.

About the scale…is very complicated, but I dont able to change scale of models.