Models Distorted in BGE

I am just starting out using BGE (in ver 2.49b) and I want to see how some of my models look in the game engine. So I took some models that I have and just pressed P to enter into BGE. I didn’t add any logic to them. However, when I did the geometry and textures became distorted (See the before and after pictures below). Can anyone help me fix this?



I am probably just talking to myself here because no one has viewed my post. However, if someone encounters the same problem, I would like to share how to fix this. I noticed that in wireframe mode some edges were missing. So I searched the web for related problems and came upon this forum post . Here it was said that if you export and import the mesh back into blender as a .obj file, then the edges reappear. Thus, there is no distortion in BGE

your normals need to be flipped. Your terrain in other words is up side down!

To investigate into such issues make the normals visible. That will help a lot.

Also enable texture mode, and GLSL if your comptuer supports it