Models for Animation

Dear Blender community, I have started working on a animated film and need your help.

I need 4 character models.
Use Makehuman to create the base models and export to blender without cloths or hair.
Edit the Makehuman textures to make each character more unique.
Model and texture the cloths, attach them to the characters rig and tidy up the rig to allow for animation.

No texture size limit or poly limit.

Character One:
Gender: Female
Skin: Caucasian
Height: Above average
Weight: Slightly Slim
Age: Early 30’s
Cloths: Modest grey pantsuit and jacket.

Character Two:
Gender: Female
Skin: Caucasian
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Age: Mid 20’s
Cloths: Smart-casual t-shirt and dark jeans

Character Three:
Gender: Male
Skin: African-American
Height: Slightly taller then character One.
Weight: Fit
Age: Mid 40’s
Cloths: Formal business suit

Character Four:
Gender: Male
Skin: Caucasian
Height: Slightly shorter then character Two.
Weight: Above Average
Age: Mid 50’s
Cloths: Formal business suit

PM me with a quote and example of your work. Payment will be made 20% immediately, 80% on delivery through Paypal. You will be credited on the finished project.

Hello Sir,
We are working in team. We’ve experience team in detailed work. We’ve worked on Same type of project before. We can assure you that we can do your work as you are expecting it. Please see our freelancing portfolio work:

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The position has been filled.

btw how do I set the thread to solved.

I’ve done it for you. In the future (and until we have our convenient menu item available again), edit your original post, choose “Go Advanced”. You can then change the prefix from “No Prefix” to “[Solved]”