Models for my animation (Update)

I am creating a future city animation and I want it to be kinda’ complete with flying cars, planes, robots and stuff like that, so here are some planes I have created.

Front of a big ass plane.
Back of the same big ass plane.
Front of a fast tiny plane.
And his back.
Front of a sort of flying truck or so.
And here is it’s backside.
The front of anather weird plane.
And his backside.

P.s. you don’t have to tell me that they don’t have textures yet and that “autosmooth” and “smooth” should be set on, it’s just WIP.

But C&C is very welcome [!]

These look really good, I like the styling and design.

That first one looks like it should be the police inteceptor or something.

More details on the engines would look good, and leave the bodies clean and smooth.

The truck looks like it wants to be towing something.

Good start.


PS: you should texture and set smooth them :wink:

those designs are cool
I think you should expand upon the flying truck thing…make it longer…like a bus. just a suggestion
keep the designs coming m8!

you should either set the engines as smooth or use auto-smooth over the whole model, it’ll get rid of the facety look.

Yeye, alright already, I’ll do the autosmooth…geez :smiley:

btw, here is the space trucker WITH some -cars- (how do you call it in english) behind it (you’ll see what i mean when you see the pic below…)


I know the images aren’t very nice but it’s just to show you I’ve created the…er…things behind the trucker…you get what I mean :smiley:

Are you going to release these to the public when the animation is done? If they are that lowpoly I could use them in the game engine.

I know they are very low poly but if I’dd make them to hi ply my pc would fail on us when rendering the animation.

Yep I want to upload the final animation somewhere but I am not really sure where…

If you want to use them for a game, I would be honoured :smiley: ofcourse you may.

I realy like the designs of those “planes"cars” :smiley: dont know what to call them, keep up the good work… cant wait to see the anim :smiley:

I trully like your designs, and please don’t take this as any kind of criticism, but am I wrong when I say that there is a Star Wars feel to them?

Excellent models.


Great work. I like the unusual shapes. The future is usually unusual :wink:

For textures I’d recommend some rusty, worn metal and some markings with unusual symbols in faded colors.

Tnx for the replys everybody and tnx for the tip AntiChrome I’ll keep it in mind.

Here is a sort of destroyed little town for in the background of a shot in the animation, so it’s not really inportant, but still.
Here is a pic of that town:

Try to make atleast one more different destroyed house. Now it’s very obvious that you have duplicated them. BTW good work with the ships!

really like the town, but the way the buildings is placed, could it not be better to make som sort of road system where the building follows? kinda the medival towns

tnx for the replys, yep, I have already created four more different destroyed houses to make sure it isn’t too obvious I duplicated them, but you are absolutely right, I just wanted to show you guys what I want it to look like. A road sysytem, haven’t thought of that, perhaps I should create some dead plants etc too.

update soon

Here is an update of a space trucker I made with some trailers.
Any ideas and/or C&C very welcome.

The Space trucker:
Here is it’s sketch:
Here are some sketches I made for a new space vehicle:

Cool, I really like the style of your little future flying vehicles. That ‘truck’ trailer idea is really clever.
You ought to design some sort of “train” vehicle for a “railroad”, especially if you are showing a city in the animation.