Models from Turbosquid

I don’t know if it’s in the right place in the forum. For a job, I need to have some 3D models, I dont’ know if I’ll have the time to model them, because the deadline is very short. So I’ve considered buying some models from websites like Turbosquid, do you know if they are of good quality (I need to do some close-up)?
Do you know why are there different prices for the same models (with the same textures …)?
As I will do the animation in Blender, what format could be the best? I would have buy some .obj models, because I’m used to import them in Blender and they work well. I won’t have too much time to rework them, so it’s very important.
Thank you.

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Thanks kkrawal but I’m looking for photoreal models, like this one for instance:

nice model.

I think for $150 you could probably expect good quality.
Pricing is up to the individual uploading the model; the site keeps a percentage of the selling price, so it’s a balance between time spent and attractive price.
If you have time try googling around, some offer free models, though the quality may, or may not, be as good.
3D Extras, for example -

I find .obj and .3ds imports somewhat poly heavy(and triangulated), but they are relatively easy to clean up, and frankly, you are much less likely to find a .blend. Be sure to remove doubles.

If you download a OBJ or 3DS you lose all the texture and material data.

Thanks for the answers.
The price is not really the problem here, as I need really precise and well modelised models. I’ve found some free ones, and some are good, but it won’t bother my client to pay for that, if we can work faster.
For the .obj format, it’s often triangulated that’s right, but it’s easy to clean them up.
yogyog: If I buy these models which are UVmapped, it won’t be too long to adapt them to Blender, no? In my experience, that was not a problem with .obj, but I may be wrong. Do you think there is a much friendlier format, like .lwo, .dxf?
Thanks for your help.

In the case of .obj files some of the material options like uv coordinates are preserved if a .mtl file is present. Personally I dont like .3ds files, if I have one of those I use a converter to translate it to .obj