Models limbs fold

I tried to fix this the fold problem. the shoulders also look bad when I raise up the arms. and as you can see the hips fold poorly. I worked on the weight paint. It helps a little. I can go 30 to 40 degrees on bending the legs at the hips after that it goes bad.
How do I fix this ?
thank you


Do you have quarternion selected to preserve volume? That usually is supposed to help with this. I also read in my Blender Foundations book about using a stretch bone to help deformation, and also using a brush strength of 0.1 in weight painting to adjust the levels of influence.

quarternion ? Humm ? Stretch bone ? Humm ? Wow 2 things I have not heard of. Good answer I think.
Thank you very much

Oh my ! ! that’s alot better. That was easy.
The shoulder still looks bad . Im looking up stretch bone now. Ill try to remove weight paint on the arm pit. Thanks for the help

Looking pretty good, update when you get it worked out :slight_smile: