Models needed for FPS!

Hey guys, JollyGreenGiant here, just wondering if anyone could model me a bullet and a pistol for my fps? Thanks, help would be appreciated.

Are we also supposed to magically guess what type of pistol you want; glock, desert eagle, luger. and the poly count and texture map sizes?

If its something next gen, I wouldn’t mind a crack at it, I need an excuse to try some low poly modeling and to learn some game texturing, but if we are talking BGE level than forget about it.

May you find something here:

Cheers, mib

sorry for not explaining myself well tyrant monkey, I would like low poly desert eagle + bullet, doesn’t matter what size I can scale but if you want to texture it to that is great, thanks

that model is avaible on blendswap in fact you have an entire armoury of weapons on there you could just clean them up and reuse them, if it was something that wasn’t avaible than I would have made it but that blend file and a whole host of others is avaible for download