[MODELS] Requesting A Model And A Video Of How You Did It

Hello, I am requesting a model that looks like a weapon from the anime “World Trigger”. The “Raygust” has the ability to switch between sword and shield mode, and has a “bubble” type appearance (Not just a thin blade). I would like whatever i can get, but preferably I would want the sword mode, shield mode, and an “idle mode” (just the handle without the blade) and a video of how it was done (so i can learn how to make my own models)

I would like the models as soon as possible, but i can take them at any time (notify me if you are going to create a model.)

I will use these models in UE4, and might put them into an actual game. (using these to experiment in UE4)


I would love to do this! I can have it done later this week. Is that okay?

We’re you able to design the trigger I would to have the 3d models of it please

You know it’s been 3 years, right?


yo have you made the model? if so could I have it? im working on a world trigger project hit me up on discord @Yvng_foolio#6969

Hey! I’ve just tried to add you because I’ve made some of these models myself, they’re decent. If you still need em. Let me know. Doesn’t look like it let me add you.
Discord- Louis#1358

(Yes, I know its 2 years later.)