[MODELS] Requesting A Model And A Video Of How You Did It

Hello, I am requesting a model that looks like a weapon from the anime “World Trigger”. The “Raygust” has the ability to switch between sword and shield mode, and has a “bubble” type appearance (Not just a thin blade). I would like whatever i can get, but preferably I would want the sword mode, shield mode, and an “idle mode” (just the handle without the blade) and a video of how it was done (so i can learn how to make my own models)

I would like the models as soon as possible, but i can take them at any time (notify me if you are going to create a model.)

I will use these models in UE4, and might put them into an actual game. (using these to experiment in UE4)


I would love to do this! I can have it done later this week. Is that okay?

We’re you able to design the trigger I would to have the 3d models of it please

You know it’s been 3 years, right?


yo have you made the model? if so could I have it? im working on a world trigger project hit me up on discord @Yvng_foolio#6969