Models skeleton will not merge with animation

I’m very new at this, I bought a rigged model and made it my own by adding colors, materials, etc, but when I try to apply an animation there’s two rigs and they won’t merge.

Also I want to apply a logo to the circle patch on the arm, backpack, and hemet.
Please any help would be great!

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Truth be told, you haven’t given us enough information to help much with the rigging issue. Can you share your blend file?

With your logo, it’s very simple. Make a new, second UV Map. Select the faces you want the logo on and (with the new one selected) press U and choose Auto UV Project. In your Material editor, add a Mix RGB before you shader and after your colors. Into input 2, plug an Image Texture connected to a UV Map node, set to the new UV Map. Use the Alpha of the Image Texture as the Mix factor (assuming you have a transparent logo)

Because I’m a new member it won’t allow me to upload it…?

Thank you for the logo help!

Oh right, forgot about that. Spend ten minutes reading posts and reply to a couple and you should get your trust level upgraded enough :slight_smile:


Honestly, I have never found the answer to “How to merge Rigs” , plenty of tutorials just say " Merge the rigs" but don’t tell you how…so I gave up and now just use the Diffeomorfic add-on for Daz characters. It has a function to merge rigs (whether they are Daz or Miximo or whatever source)…

So I would assume you have the main character rig and at least another for the Helmet, with the add-on installed, you would use Select all by type > Armatures …and make sure to Shift-Select the Main Armature ( or it would end up being named Helmet rig and not the main armature name as it uses the ACTIVE selection as the rig name…) and in the addon, click Merge armatures and you are done!

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Please tell what happens when you hit ctrl+J exactly. You’re saying “the rigs won’t merge” -does Blender crash? Do you get an error message? what does it say? without a description of the specific hurdles you encounter there’s nothing anyone can do

Ctrl J does absolutely nothing

Here’s my file.

Blender File

Selecting both armatures and hitting ctrl+J merges them (join in Blender lingo but I assume that’s what you meant). But are you entirely sure that’s what you want to do, or is it just your guess ? I see one of them is animated (looks like mocap), the other (to which the character meshes are bound) isn’t. I suppose you’d like to retarget that animation onto your actual control rig, and that’s what you meant by “merge” ? if yes, then I can’t help you much, this is not my area of expertise, but I can try suggesting a few things : first off the mocap-animated armature has wildly different bone orientations (as you can see from the leg bones pointing upwards most notably), which I assume we have to thank the fbx importer for. Do you have the mocap data in fbx format ? or some other format ? can you try re-importing it with different settings so that bone orientations match ?
But then again there might be a better way, I’m not familiar with this mixamo thing, maybe they have an addon that does the retargeting for you. Did you get any documentation along with the character file ?

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OK…let me ask…how did you obtain the Mixamo rig ( download the animation file from Miximo?)
There are several different problems…
1> Mixamo characters and animations are based on a T-Pose…Your character and rig are
a Modified A-Pose where the hands are down and reaching out.
2. You are trying to Join/Merge/Retarget the T-pose to the A-pose…( Mixamo used to have an import selection for an A-pose at one time but it is gone…) You can merge them but it still won’t work since they are different…

So… You have a few options.
1> delete the current armature, Join the mesh together and resend to Miximo for a new rig…when doing so search for T-Pose and apply that to the model…down-load with skin
Then download, your waving animation without skin…open the T-pose file…and in the Action Editor…add the Wave action to the T-Pose…PLAY It does have some drawbacks…the extra bits are going to be influenced by the weight-paint on the upper arms and stretch…so some clean-up is needed ( Note: even with them as separate objects as they are now, they will still do this so weight paint is a must…

I recommend that you add Rigify Rig and then re-target the Miximo rig to the Rigify…
Use Expy to extract a Meta-Rig from yours and Rigify it…
Use Expy Kit HERE and then follow this tutorial… or search Expy Kit on Youtube and pick one…

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