I need to find a free woman model and male model, but I can’t create one due to my limited knowledge, and I want them just plain(no clothes) so I can capture there actuall shape

Try this Link…

see bellow

ok I got a 3d mesh but how do you move specific parts when when you select it, it selects the whole thing

But I can’t find a man mesh

If you are just looking for a way to pose human manikins for other art projects, you might be better served by getting Daz Studio (it’s free) and their starter kit (I believe you get a male and female realistic model, and a cartoon female model) which is also free. Or was free, it’s been a while since I visited.

Regarding the 3d mesh you have in blender, I suppose it doesn’t have an armature, so you can’t pose it. Go into edit mode, move the 3d cursor to the joint, make the 3d cursor the pivot point, then select just the vertices beyond the joint, and rotate them. It will probably require some clean up tweaking to look good.

wow thats complicated, so if I can’t do that do you have any suggestions on a free anatomically correct female and male meshes?


but I am not looking to pose

That’s called posing. Daz has anatomically realistic male and female meshes, you can arrange the limbs anyway you like, put clothes on or not, and make renders. It’s commercial, but they give away the base software and meshes as a loss leader. What more do you want?

Have you taken a look at their site? What you want to do in Blender, without much knowledge of Blender, is time consuming and complicated.

I know how to animate it, and all, but the person who created the mesh didn’t make each limb or whatever seperate, all that is seperate is teh skeleton, which I couldn’t get to animate