Modelsheets used in your creations

Hello community, I’m using Blender to model 3d objects and characters to my game, but I have one question, the modelsheets (reference image) used in some of my models are taked of google, this is legal to commercial videogame? And if is not legal, somebody knows a site where I can find modelsheets for free? (Because I’m really bad to draw)

It is not legal to represent copyrighted work as your own and sell it without the owner’s permission. There is, however, an exception called “fair use” of copyrighted material. See this Wikipedia entry regarding that,

or alternatively, here is the authority:
Be aware, however, that fair use is somewhat of a gray concept and if the copyright owner decides to sue you (a likely event in the USA if you make a lot of money) then you take your chances in court.

You can look on Deviantart and ask the people who create artwork if it is OK to use their stuff for asset creation purposes. Many expressly state what license they are releasing their art under, and what usage is allowed. They may easily release it to you with the sole condition that they be credited, not a bad deal at all (unless you were going to pass it off as your own work which would be reprehensible). Do it with the agreement of the artist as a collaboration rather than to just take it. Better feelings all around!

If you use model or image “as is” the copyright law comes into play. However if you are using it as reference image and creating your own model, that is yours.

I use it to have a reference of volume an muscles but when I model complete character I change the face, hair and muscles. This is copyright? xd

If your intent is to use someone else’s work to avoid doing the work yourself and they have not authorized you to do so or been compensated you are liable to be in violation of the law in most parts of the world. This includes very specifically using someone else’s copyrighted work as ‘reference’ for example, making a painting from a photograph. Such ‘reference’ use cases are invariably decided in favor of the plaintiff in the USA and the EU.

If you just need human musculature diagrams there is no end of uncopyrighted material on the web. If you HAVE to use this particular person’s work you must be using it for more than general reference.

Okey thank you people, I know the law is the law but I will risk, as I don’t have anybody who can do art work for me I will model my characters with people’s modelsheets but ofc I will edit them so much that they will be unrecognizable.