Modelting with ease.

I have recently been involved in using Blender and have started trying to create houses and different structures using blueprints that i have recieved, is their any way that i could enter the dimensions of a plane or other object when i create it so that i can have the right size of object without going through and sizing it? for example, i want a 10 x 20 square that i can create by just pluging in numbers into a box. anything will help. thanks

Press N with your cursor in the 3D window.


i have tried that, but it just pulls up the transfrom properties, i wanted to know if you could plug in some numbers before it is even created, or something of that effect. isn’t the transform buttons just to change the size and position of an object. i want to take a blueprint of a 10foot wall and put into blender.

I’m not aware of any any to do this as you have described. The goal of blender is purely visual, so a certain degree of eyeballing is necesary.

Its probably worth converting all your measurements to metric-

Then you can make use of edge length display (in mesh display) and as your transforming you can type in numbers.

  • Gkey
  • Zkey
  • 10.5
  • Enter key.

Moves on the z axis 10.5

I might be able to convert to metric, but what are Blenders units measured in, Meters? i just want to know the easiest way to figure this out.

blender units are what you want them to be.

how do you convert US or metric into blender units, or is there a way?

Blender is divided into denary units, so metric is a good idea. And there’s no need to convert from metric into blender units - they’re basically the same thing! The app isn’t gonna kill you for making something ten times as big.