Modem Problems?

Alright here’s my problem:

For some reason my isp is having problems latley and there servers keep diconnecting me, this would be fine if the BeOS was be able to restart my modem. As I do some of my internet work on the BeOS this becomes a problem.

My modem is a 28.8 Moterola ModemSURFER externael, and whenever I get disconnected and then I try to reconnect it immediatly says:

No Connection

Even when I turn my modem off and then on it still does this.
I have also restarted my PC too.

Is this fixable in BeOS or must I get a new modem.
Is there a way to restart Dial-Up networking in the BeOS.

Thanx for your time.

If the connection dies on the ISP’s end, then your connection is still open and needs to be closed before you can reconnect. I had that problem on one of the Linux configurations I tried, I had to use the “kill” command to close the pppd and the dial-up connection before I could reconnect, the dial-up gui would die so I couldn’t use the disconnect button. “top” can be used to get the pid# of the processes that need to be killed. kill - 9 pid#
I don’t know if this will help in your case…