What model modem does everyone have for there Linux operation system ?

There’s basically two types of modems.

Hardware based (usually external) and Software based (commonly known as “winmodems”).

The foremost type has everyhting needed to run onboard. This form of modem have been around for sometime, but still continue to work with new technology. They are supported by a vast number of systems, and are easier to use. They are generally more expensive than the latter type.

The latter type, software based, or commanly refered to as “Winmodems” are cheaper to manufactur, and cheaper to purchase. This is because they rely on your PC’s CPU, ram, hard drive to function. They do not preform as well, and since there are many types of chipsets for these boards (yes they are always internal) drivers are generally only developed for the windows OS. What’s more is that these drivers sometimes don’t even function in 2k/XP. Very few linux drivers exist for these boards.

My suggestion is to get a Hardware based, external modem. As I have

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I see, but external cost an arm and a leg, I wonder if its possable to fake a modem. Doesn’t the INF uselly have all the hardware info ?

the inf is windows only. the inf names the driver, and points to it’s location on the hardrive, and how windows should use it.

most of the time windows is fine with winmodems. linux and other oses aren’t.

How about faking a modem, like going through a serial to phoneline ? Or network to phoneline ?

HEY !!! I found something

The other big disadvantage of software-based modems is that the software needed to make them work is operating-system dependent. Apple’s GeoPort Telecom Adapters require the Mac operating system, so they won’t work with MKlinux or Be OS. Other soft modems are generally Windows-only, so they can’t be used with Linux, Solaris, OpenStep, or OS/2 unless someone writes special drivers. In contrast, any external Hayes-compatible modem with a full chip set can be used with any operating system on any computer with a serial port.

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It’s about linux winmodem support.


It sells linmodems :smiley: