Modena, Now with in-game screen shot

Here’s a Ferrari 360 Modena I’ve been working on for a game called vdrift:

There are quite a few little imperfections that I left in all for the sake of a low polygon count but I think the render turned out pretty well for just 7000 triangles

Very good! Great job on the amount of polys. The car could use better reflection however, and softer shadows.

Nice work. :slight_smile:

7000 triangles! Veeery nice! Bravo TyFric.

Interesting lighting… can’t hardly see it. Cool tho

With the lighting I was going for kind of a concept car promo shot feel where enough of the car is hidden that it creates interest without giving it all away (something like this) . This was partly because I think it’s the best way to bring out a supercar’s lines and partly because it let me hide how low-poly the car is. The door and hood seams for example are just textures so in a bright scene they stand out. The highlight on the door on the left side is placed to avoid a flat spot in the panel.

great work! :wink:

nice, but I think the glass could be improved some, but that’s a very nice poly count

Good eye Chips, I didn’t think it was that noticeable =)

I basically took the game version and added a subsurf modifier so the glass is stretched in odd ways.

I got it working in vdrift last night. Here it is with a ridiculous paint job my GF suggested:

It’s a lot of fun getting to see blender art in motion. For anyone who’s interested in car modeling I definitely recommend it! There’s a description of what you need here

good job, the textures notwithstanding. do work on the taillights though…and hey i am all worked for low polly modelling, will try to decimate one of my models for your game once i am done with my current project.

Good point Anuraag. The image is actually an early version. I noticed a couple problems with and remade the texture and the uv coords before I uploaded it. Here’s a screen someone else posted of it with the updated textures: