Moderator notes in the thread

Hey Fweeb, just an opinion here, but it’s kind of messy and annoying to constantly go to a question to only see that it’s ‘moved’.
You guys need a better way of doing this or you going to be running around putting fires out all the time and making a mess of the this board. imho

I split this post to a new thread because it really warrants further discussion (and I’d rather not hijack a thread on this topic). has seen a lot of new users since it came back from the crash. As such, many of these new members aren’t familiar with the forum layout and post in the wrong places. I’m hopeful that as things move forward, the members here will post in the proper forums… then we’ll have to move threads less often… and you’ll be less annoyed by “thread moved” comments.

If you have a suggestion for another way to do it, I’d love to hear it. Part of the purpose of publicly posting that we’ve moved the thread is so all users know what happened (transparency is pretty important, yes?) and hopefully more than just the original poster can be reminded of where to properly post threads.