Modering a people

I have already a bureaux,with furnitures and I’d like to put a people in it, but I really have no idea of modering a people…
From where I can get start?:no:

If you just want people, take a look for “Makehuman” you will then need to clothe them though

Ben Mathis has an oldie but a goodie onhis tutorial site, called Character Modeling, he also has a video series on modeling a game character called Delilah.
There’s also the classic Joan of Arc which walks through a complete character creation. Neither of these are Blender specific, but if you can model furniture, you can figure out what to do.

another problem:( I have found a model, but is in swimming trunks, I’d like him in suit(or somthing like that ~~)
no idea at all
I’m a novice of blender:confused:

If you need to use people in a lot of your work you may want to check out DAZ|Studio.

This link is to DAZ’s Home page

Unfortunately you may need to buy some content for it.