Modern Art Museum (Now with actual pic!)

Here’s a little modern art museum exhibit I threw together… an experiement with dupliframes and the material IPO’s (which didn’t work ironically enough.) Just for giggles really. Comment if you wish :slight_smile:

I could comment if I could see it! :wink:


I’m a genious. All bow before my posting skills!

Ugh… Here’s the freakin pic:

the thing in the middle is crap, the thing on the wall would actually fit in a modern museum.

no offence intended about the middle one LOL.


Those are good abstract pieces. The triangles in the back would look better if all are joined together.

Beautifull picture :slight_smile:


Also, I thought that crap was thought rather highly of in modern museums.

The rainbow snake is more interesting to me than anything at all in the Warhol museum here in Pittsburgh.

Desoto: That’s too good for mordern art museum. Along the lines of Alltaken and harkyman, I’d say this is too good to be ever picked. They like crap as in shxx.
Fun fun anyway.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I think I’m going to go for something a little more angular for the center and make one last quick render. Also might turn on rotation for the “rainbow snake” as it was titled.