"Modern Art"

[go easy on me, I’m just starting to learn]
The image: http://www.genericwebhost.com/~strategi/modern_art/modern_art_7.jpg
(edit) Version 2: http://www.genericwebhost.com/~strategi/modern_art/modern_art_10.jpg

The story:
I started off intending to make something based on the theme of a temple. It was meant to be a simplistic affair; few frills and not very ornate. The centre-piece was the inscribed stone… uh… thing (I’ve been trying to think of what they’re called for days… someone help me out here) with water in it. I hadn’t decided what else to put in the scene.
After I’d got the urn/water-bath/pool/whatever-it-is to a state that I liked, I had also thought of a couple of other ideas. One of these was the concept of modern art; art created with modern techniques (ie, computer graphics), and the scene that came to mind was an easel with a painting on it. Originally, the painting was going to be a screenshot of Blender, but I decided against that, and instead took the earlier render of the urn/thing. Then I just messed around with the design of the room (as you can see, I didn’t get very far - it’s still very bare).

I suppose I could’ve put this in the Work in Progress forum, but I think I want to break off this scene and go back and finish the temple.

The pattern on the wall behind the painting is an image of a dragon in flight, stol… uh… borrowed from a web page (here if anyone cares).

John B

Nice, make a small border around the canvas, I like the wallpaper and the textures in general but the floor tiles could look a little flatter.

Something like this, perhaps?

The border is possibly too big in that one… and maybe too simple.

John B

The word you’re looking for is ‘bird bath’.

hehe :wink: j/k

heh. Yeah, well, I considered that one, but since there are no birds… :wink:

John B