Modern Bathroom

Hi everyone I wanted to share my latest Project with you!
I Created this to learn a bit more about lighting for ArchViz.
Textures are from quixel and gametextures, everything Sub-D modeled, hair particles used on towels and rug.
If you have any question, please ask!
Hope you like it. C&C appreciated.


Nice effort.

Perhaps some elements look out of proportion, but you will polish that through practice. Mainly the thickness of some boards and the size of the room in relation to the furniture. The distribution of the furniture and the lighting will get more subtle in time.

Well done!

Thank you! After having a second look I guess you’re right. Will have a closer look at the proportions in my next project.

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you!

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Fantastic work!
My only note would be that it was hard to interpret the image looking into the mirror due to it’s perfection: Mirrors normally have some surface grime, are not perfectly smooth, and have a secondary reflection off the glass in front of the metallic mirror (which is on the back surface of the glass).

Overall, this looks superb, very well done!

Thank you!
I know what you mean. Maybe I’ll update this project in the next days.

So realistic! Is it 100% Blender?

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Hey, yes 100% Blender. Textures are created with Substance Designer and/or from Gametextures.

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