Modern Bedroom (pls critique)

rendered in evee. Pls comment on how i can improve. (carpet and window could be better)


First thing, are soft shadows enabled, you are getting very jagged edges on the shadows. The window seems to be missing both a window frame and glass. You would definitely see the reflection of the curtains back into the glass. The corners of the blanket where it drapes over the carpet looks like it is hovering over the carpet since there is too much shadow underneath it, if you lower it there it will look like it is sitting on the carpet. The light “spheres” don’t look centered on the posts where they are mounted. Hope that helps, keep at it!

Speaking of windows, there is a much easier and beginner-friendly way to add them. Just enable the Archimesh addon in Settings and put in a Panel Window in Shift+A - Mesh - Archimesh. Add a Solidify modifier to the room and a Boolean modifier and target the CTRLhole object of the window. This automatically cuts out a hole for the window in the wall. Then enable Refraction in the Render panel under Screen Space Reflections and then in the Material panel for the window glass material, set the Blend Mode to Alpha Blend and the Shadows to None. This gives a nice window. You could also flesh out the lamps a bit more, adding a shade for them. Adding a plant or some extra object(s) could help as well.