Modern bedroom project

i’m new here so don’t critique me too strong. working on a full apartment. the bedroom is ready, for now.


The room layout looks really good! Very classy and modern.
As for critiques, here’s my chip:
Try adding a few more shadowy regions. The lighting looks really bright and even, but some stronger shadows can help ground the look and make it seem more relaxing. Try turning some of the lights off. I’m initially thinking all of the indoor lights except the rim light on the ceiling, and turning off AO if you’re using it.
As for materials, it looks pretty good for the most part. On a more subjective note, I would spend some time making the carpet look fluffier. Right now it looks a little shaggy, and the strands look like dense locks.
Specifically, I would make the strands a little bit thicker, and add a good amount of translucency.

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thanks. will work on it.

Your renders are pretty good, actually! I would add something else: those pillows may need a better cloth simulation. They look too rigid. Apart from that, how did you model the blanket? The wrinkles are fairly nice.

Great job, keep it up :grinning:.