Modern Bedroom

Hi all,

I would like to present some of my latest work made with Blender and Cycles.
This bedroom is a part of whole private apartment which I co-designed.
And it was my first attempt to make an interior in Cycles.
C&C are welcome.



More uploads.


Really good renders… expecially the soft light… can you show your setup for the render??? Anyway i also really like your pillows, how could you do that perfect wrinkles??? Very good modelling, did you use only blender for modelling?

it´s very nice done, just feels a little bit cold for a bedroom

Nice work. Can you say how much samples did you do? As I can see, it is almost absolutely without noise.

Thanks for your comments :wink:

*daddario90- my light setup is nothing special- I use two emiter planes (power of 6 and 8). All models are made by me from scratch but bedsheet and pillows on the floor I made earlier in other program. All others are modelled in blender, including quilt. I will attach my render setup soon.

*ashaihullin- I set up 1300 samples for each render, but I interrupted them earlier. I was in hurry so the first picture was rendered with about 800 samples and others with about 1100 samples.

My render setup.
I used two emitter planes in each window. Actually for rendering purpose I disabled the bigger window and that allows me to achieve this kind of soft light. For faster rendering I didn’t use full global ilumination. I used quite low custom settings.


Thank you, for reply with setup.

Looks nice and clean, I like :slight_smile:

Curious though, what is with the red partial square in the renders? Is this your signature or something?

can u make a high res panaramo ? that will be more interesting

Hi guys, thanks for comments. :wink:

  • troubled- this red partial square in the renders is my signature, indeed :slight_smile: I have a studio called house of render and this is my sign.

i love the black/white/grey color combo :slight_smile:

Hi Man,

Good job but I never sleep in this bed because I hate threats in my dreams. Indeed, the fear of receiving a photo frame on the head by my lovemaking me ice in advance…:frowning:

Paulino brilliant work! You shoud publisht it on blenderownia.

Very great job, AniMeAniBe!!!
Can you explain PLEASE (or link a tutorial) how to achieve the mesh deformation of the white big pillow’s edge, in the first render?
i’ve tried many times with different methods but no one perfect as your’s!

PS: excuse my english!

Thanks all for comments :slight_smile:

  • Drabson, I posted some renders in the gallery of Blenderownia.
  • jba, thanks :wink: as I said before, pillows on the floor was done earlier in other software. For this big square pillow (pouf) on the first picture I made only basic mesh in Blender and than exported it to another program where I made this wrinkles. I think that making wrinkles in Blender is possible by using sculpt tools. I didn’t have time to play with it in this project but I have in my plans making a tutorial about “bed clothing”.

Very professional… does it mean that you’ve migrated from YafaRay to Cycles?
Light Bulb is to sharp but all in all very nice looking render, particularly lighting :wink:
I’m looking forward your next projects and I wonder which render engine will be used…

very nice !, btw my 2 cts comments :);- the scene need some glossyness, a little on the bed, and in the thing that holds the books (don’t know it’s name :))

  • also some reflective glossy on the pictures
  • curtains may be more translucent, with a very soft reddish/orangy light that come for the window and with lighter walls color
  • also a more modern texture for the floor

this is my very subjective opinion ;

btw can you share your hardware and rendertime please

  • Voyager- thanks :wink: hmmm I wanted for a long time to sit and make something in Cycles and here it is. I realy like Yafaray but for sure I will spend more time with Cycles now. I still don’t know how to add some glare to light bulb to make it more soft without postproduction…

  • amigoface1975- thanks. Yes, I agree with You, this scene for sure needs some improvement. Cycles is brand new for me and I struggled to understand node editor, but it’s not so scary anymore :wink: But “more modern texture for the floor”- this project was performed for the client, and the floor was already selected for the entire apartment. When You make the visuals for yourself you can insert anything, but sometimes you have to collide with the real requirements. :wink:

My hardware is nothing special. I’m working on Acer notebook. Intel Core i5 CPU M450, 2.400GHz, 8GB RAM, and I don’t have any graphic card, windows 7, 64-bit. :slight_smile:

Really nice pics you have shared. Its looking great. I would also like to share a website here one can get modern lighting ideas.