modern bureau for website

Bienvenito in the bureau !

Aiming for photorealism, i rendered this interior for a coming website scheduled for January the 15th 0.o - Flash feature planned
I don´t estimate anyone mistaking this with a photo, but maybe you can tell me why…

rendered with yafaray in 4 hours, photon mapping cd 5, fg samples 24, 49641 vertices, c&c welcome


no one answers cry

I recognise that city in the background! :slight_smile: It’s looking alright. The bricks on the wall look kind of massive, and a filing cabinet of that size, usually has three drawers. Not bad, keep tweaking.

a with the cabinet u are right, indeed i´ll have to scale it down ! :slight_smile:
i´ll see what I can do elsewhere, any futher suggestions ???

Bottom half of window (wavy dividing line?!) is dark-greener.
I agree: monster cabinet
The forward foot on the bathroom sign has something sticking out to meet it.
Desk too reflective… Oh, maybe not, I didn’t see the stuff on it (maybe the black stuff is too reflective?)
Amazing chair!

the only thing that bothers me is the filing cabinet, its as though it is pasted into the scene. I think it needs some texture work, but very subtle.Maybe even just dulling the color a bit would do the trick.

the glass needs at least another hour render time (imo)
other than that i like it :slight_smile:

well done :wink:

Very odd furniture placement.

I have never seen an office with the desk facing the window. Generally, the person seated at the desk is either dealing with visitors, and the furniture is arranged so the visitors face the window to be impressed by the status of the office occupant, or the official is dealing with papers, in which case facing the window is a major distraction to getting anything done.

If the desk has been placed in a hallway (the sign on the wall seems to indicate hallway) rather than an office, it’s unlikely they would block the view with the filing cabinet. If it is an office, it is a large one, and it’s unlikely that anyone in such a large office would choose to limit themselves to such a small slice of space near the window.

Just seems off, regardless of the modeling or textures.

The fact that Orinoco noticed that must mean it is an absolutely flawless and realistic render : P

It’s quite good, but not flawless. Why should I repeat things you’ve already mentioned, msteele? :wink:
Besides, realism is more than whether the things in the image look real. Take a photo of a bike parked on a coffee table. Is it realistic? Surrealistic, sure, but that’s not the question here.

Yes : P
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I like it! :smiley:
I’m not good in making things photo-realistic, but i can easely recognise why its not. I should give the wood a little glossy reflection and the exit sing looks a bit flat against the wall.
It looks good so far!

thank you all for your answers
I took as much into consideration as I could:
I modelled the monster to a normal cabinet, I corrected the dividing line, which resulted of the brownish horizon color that is to be seen on the “world background” city which is a plane for real with city-UV texture because yafaray only seems to support HDRI backgrounds, think i´ll have to tweak the indoor area light cause it seems too bright and thus lets the cabinet look odd
I will also correct the placement of the furniture cause it lloks odd indeed, as well as the exit sign
and oh yeah, the floor needs glossy refl!

so far half-way result

putting in more rendertime for glass especially, writing back in 10 hours 0.o with better scene _


IMO, the lighting is not realistic enough. Maybe you need a little refraction from the glass desk, perhaps the extra rendering time suggested would clean it up. I feel the desk should be clear glass or solid, not speckled in the way it is now.

Excellent job though…

hi guys,
now a major update :
compostion improved, lightning from a way bigger area light, cabinets not light occluding and textures way better. seems that the chair leather didn´t accept voronoi but i think thats common (heard only clouds work with yafaray).
please tell me what you think because all in all its not that convincing though realistic :cry:
EDIT :pls don´t mind the wrong absorbtion in the table glass


seems really bright in the background, artistically i think it’s a bit boring: same colors, will you be adding staplers,pencils, plants on the file cabinets, etc? glass is really messing up your nice chair, might tweak the view, and the window doesn’t seem to have any sort of glass in it, just bars, might add to the realism if you can pull it off.

Looks great, WAM

The beautiful chair is obscured by the glass!

The filing cabinets look at least 230% better. LOL. Some more dirt on things might be helpful to add to the realism. Things we consider beautifully clean in real life are usually spot-ridden disaster areas in comparison to the surreal cleanliness of an untextured 3D model.

I like the idea of adding some little trinkets here and there. Never does an office user have such a clean, empty desk. Add some pencils and paper, a nice pen, a phone, an opened package from yesterday complete with packaging peanuts, a drawing on the wall from his niece. I like the cleanness of this building, but as you have it, it’s surreal.

Did you use normal maps, BTW?

I think that the background image may be too bright compared to the interior.

ok, I will add plants pencils and paper !
for the window, your right, but IOR is already 2 !?
scaled down the background brightness, overall brightness too.
reluctantly the chair will be shot from another angle again cause its for a website wackthrough
I use normal mapping for the walls and the telefones. Quite dificult in yafaray cause when I first created a normal map with nvidia plugin for photoshop from the wall textures it turned out very blurry, with map to option nor at 4 -5 (!) its way better I think. Heard that bump maps aren´t that well developed at the moment in yafaray, some users had to scale the same texture one time to nor 40 and one time to 1 !!!

BTW u see the bright stripe at the last part of the floor in front of the glass ? shouldn´t it be a smoother gradient cause the fllor is continueing, maybe you have a look at