'Modern' Church!

This is my church; I rendered loads of views, each on max settings, took about 15 minutes to render! I guess it’s finished, as I’m not going to work on it any more, however certain aspects need improving if I could be bothered.

Altar - Stained-Glass Window - Baptistry - Outside - Inside -Wedding Reception - Sunday School

How nice…but it’s very simplistic.

Well…it must be improved [!]
At first, I can see that there are no shadows :o (that schocks the eyes)
And then, there are many (too many ? :expressionless: ) artefacts in your models…
The design is interessant but it needs to have more details…your walls seems to be flat.

Bye my Lord !! :wink:

I dont know… I am not very religious person my self :< , but I just did not receive the church feeling, that some churches have… Maybe some candles or tapestries?

Try to round some of the edges a bit, like the windows hole in the staindes glass window. That was pretty edgy.

Put carpets on the floor, they look so deserted. :smiley:

that pool texture is a bit… psychadelic?


You choose some bad texture like the pool,
The texture of the library is not good (separate the model in minimum 2 part)
add detail

You have many work to put in this picture to become good


your links don’t work with me, now why? are u skilled designing 3d churches, cuz i’m needing an model, just from the outside, somewhat gothic with high tower in the front with a big cross atop, if u have tim plis do ti

My site’s been updated and for some reason that deleted all my pics. Damn…