Modern Classic Interior Visualization

This is a finished render but I am posting it in WIP section since the interior design is still worked on and things are most likely going to change. There is still noise there - I might render it cleaner later on. I use Blender, Marvelous Designer, Cycles and a lot of Photohop.

Critics and feedback are welcome.

This looks really good, great carpet and velvet shading. - It might be an idea to show an image on that TV screen to not make it such a dominant black surface in the composition?

I am curious about the cycles settings and lighting setup, any info on that? I usually use Max and Vray, but am starting out with blender and cycles for my personal projects. I found cycles to be a great renderer so far, but am still struggling wit a good setup (read - fast and noise free ^^) for interior scenes.

Sorry for late reply, your reply did not show as usual like they do for subscribed threads to me for some reason.

The TV is left off in order not to distract the attention by the image on it. But you are right, it’s too black, too dominant. The later versions got a bit more reflections for it to improve the situation somewhat. Not sure if it worked. But yes, it’s definitely too dominant no question there…

This is unfortunately not a fast and noise free setup :(. It just takes ridiculous amounts of time to render - like 20-30 hours on a single GTX970. This is lit by a single 32bit HDRI image of a sunny day in some field. It’s set up in a way so windows are not casting shadows and show as black reflective material so the image of the outside can be composited on top of that later keeping the glass reflections. I add glow around them in post. I don’t consider this to be really good lighting, but I like it simple.

Cycles set up is nothing too special. I use all the samples maxed to 128 as in Full Global Illumination preset, but Refractive Caustics turned off, Clamping - higher number for direct, than indirect, but that’s adjusted according to the specific lighting in the scene, also area lights as portals for all the windows. I sometimes use AO bounces set to 5 or 6. I try to make the materials as simple as possible as well. A lot of things are done in post-processing. I would often render the carpet as gray diffuse material and then render out the texture separately and play with it in Photoshop. I have some viscose carpet samples with iridescent fur… I stopped pretending I would be able to render them correctly in a practical way long time ago and moved this work to Photoshop.

Here is one of the final versions. The client did not like the furniture in the end so it moved to another direction later and this was left.