Modern Country Interior

HI all, heres result from new commerce series of interiors… Used soft: Blender 2.49b, Yafaray 0.1.1 . GIMP, MOTIVA…
C@C are welcome…

Hi, I like your work very much. You made me try motiva and I think I might become addicted :slight_smile:
This image looks great, I feel I could touch the furniture! but to find something to criticize, there is a bit too much light and whiteness in the windows, to the point I can barely see on my screen the hanging lamps. There is also some light on the wall on the left (besides the head) that looks a bit strange. The step to the dining area looks a bit dangerous and lacks some detail. I love all the rest.


Beautiful render, congratulations!
Just a question, you used the Motiva Colima?


Wow, amazing work!

very nice
setup and render time?

Wow looks really nice

Yohan Neck: Yes , of course… MOTIVA is great tool for better real look of shot…but, this stock havent to much quality PNG result…can be solved in next future
killbe: Its rendered in Yafaray, I can put here screen with set…Rendertime was about 80 minutes in 1024x768 on my Athlon II X4, 8GB RAM , WIN7 64bit…

and…here s second upgraded result /client want some plants, fireproof pad under fireplace and more timber wood/… Post is softly - reduce CA, glow, light /… C@C are welcome…

link to better quality :

Thank You Hangar!

I’m considering purchasing a license from the Colimo. But how is the workflow YafaRay -> Colimo? I ask you that because of “the mental ray shader,” and passes … :confused: I am a noob! :yes:


Very nice!

Interestingly arranged interior. Good render.

You used Motiva what? They have many amazing products, only mentioning the company name is like saying “I used Autodesk” for the software description…

I assume that you used Motiva Realcamera for the image considering the even vignetting and because I don’t think that Yafaray support Colimo formats (yet)? At least that is what I use for my renders. (the reason to why I ask is because it wouldn’t be fair if someone purchased a license to a Motiva product only to realize that it was not that software you used and they cannot use it for what they purchased it for)

The image looks really good but I can spot two errors, one is the floor edge of the kitchen as someone already mentioned, wood wouldn’t just bend around an edge like that and the other is that you seem to have a pretty low-resolution texture on your wood cubs as well as the cubs are lacking variation, the last point is just nit-picking though, it actually works to have it like that but can be a turnoff if you spot it :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest looks really good, I especially like the soft glow sipping through the transparent curtains :slight_smile:

MOTIVA is a free tool…for own or commercial use…and I use this one with GIMP cooperation…some film ,bugs" looks really close to real camera.

Motiva is a company like Autodesk, they make different softwares & plugins.

For example there is:
Motiva Colimo
Motiva Soap
Motiva RealCamera

As well as some scripts that they have made for 3ds Max.

Quote from their “About us” page.

MOTIVA is a company that creates 3D content for images, videos or realtime stuff. MOTIVA is focused on four of the applications of the CG techniques: Archviz, Civil Works, Advertising and Simulations.

Wow, love this scene. If I saw this in a magazine I wouldn’t have even known it was computer generated! Good work.

Really good. The right part looks too bright, but it doesn’t detract the overall quality.