Modern dark bedroom

Hello everyone,
I would like to show you one of my newest works. Dark bedroom :slight_smile: I know there are a few things that can be changed, but recently I haven’t had much time for my projects :frowning:

Software used :
Blender 3.0

Addons used:

Hope you guys like it! Feel free to comment.

Modelst / texture sources

I also get free wall panels from:


So cool .its just that the transparent curtain doesn’t look that good

Try using transclusive shader

Great! Very vibrant!

And you helped me discover this Chocofur thingy!

Keep up the great work

Well, you’re actually right. I didn’t even notice that this material didn’t look good. I’ll try to change it.
Thank You

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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