Modern Design

This is a modern design I made.

(Don’t comment on the place of the modern red chair. I saw it to late, so its floating :expressionless: .)

Amazing it looks! And sorry but i have to comment on that red chair as why is it floating??
Good work done

Thank you, I modeled the chair in an other layer, when I moved it back I forgot to lower it

I think you mean ‘contemporary’ rather than ‘modern’ if you’re talking art/design. ‘Modern’ was an art movement that started in the 1860s or thereabouts and ended in the 1970s. The Helvetica typeface, Dadaism, Cubism and many other forms of expression were parts of this movement.

But, that said, a contemporary chair might hover. We have the technology–two types of technology, in fact–that would make this possible. :slight_smile:

Nice render, a bit more light should come from the outside. The placement of the tv is odd.

Reminds me of the game Deus Ex:Human Revolution.
Looks like you used flat materials in some areas. Try getting it all textured for more realism.

Hi. Nice render. Like Phil, I would work more on the texture if I were you and maybe add more light. Adding a background would be nice, and a little bit of post work.

wow :slight_smile: that is so nice… i hope hope i can make something like that.

Here’s An Update

Now I want a hover chair! :frowning: